Our History

Established in 1941 by AJ & Rose Bonatt. After success in Fall River and Onset, Harwich Port beckoned them. Only open Spring to Fall, AJ & Rose made their mark on the community, serving Communion breakfast to Holy Trinity children each spring. AJ developed a confection which Rose immediately named the "Meltaway" in the late '40s or early '50s. When AJ passed away in 1952, Rose kept the bakery open, closing the restaurant. Eventually her son, Jim, came back north with his wife, Betty, and 2 children to take over. In 1974, sadly, Betty passed away leaving 6 children for Jim to continue to raise. In 1975 he met Alice, a mother of 6, and they fell in love and married Feb. 1977. The bakery continued to thrive and Jim taught Alice all he could. All the children helped out and learned the business. Again tragedy struck and Jim was no longer with them. Alice ran the business for another 3 years. Sold in 1981 & repurchased Jan. 2012 by Alice, it is again thriving!